LEASING Transaction of the Year RULES

We are now accepting applications for the 2021 Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Association of Greater Washington, DC (CREBA) awards including Leasing, Sales & Finance Transactions of the Year. Don’t pass up this opportunity to be honored by your peers. This is the only awards program in the region that recognizes the individual broker.  Do you have brokers in your office who aren’t members? Encourage them to join and submit for the awards on or before Midnight, Wednesday, February 16, 2022! The award applications are submitted online.  . Awards Winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 26th at our Annual Awards Dinner at The Ritz Carlton. The Awards Dinner has long been known as CREBA’s, and the industry's, premier annual event. This is your opportunity to put your name in the company of illustrious past winners.

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CREBA Leasing Transaction of the year Rules


In order to qualify for a Leasing Award, the following conditions must be met:

The applicant must have been a full-time licensed real estate broker or salesperson and a member of the Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Association of Greater Washington, DC in good standing on or before February 16, 2022. If you were not a CREBA member in 2021 you may qualify for membership by paying 2022 dues and any other applicable fees by February 16, 2022. To join for 2022, click here. To purchase 2021 membership for $50, please email

Transaction of the Year (Over 75,000 RSF and Under 75,000 RSF): Members may apply for Office Lease Transaction of the Year. Over 75,000 RSF will be awarded by jurisdiction (MD, DC, and VA). The Under 75,000 RSF Transaction of the Year will be awarded across all three jurisdictions.

All details of competing entries will be kept in strictest confidence. No details will be publicized, but appropriate publicity concerning the presentation of the Award will be distributed with the approval of the winner(s) and principals.

The CREBA Board of Directors will review and vote on applications for the Transaction of the Year Awards.

The application must give FULL credit to all cooperating brokers. Entries of Salesperson members must be endorsed by broker and/or manager of their firm.

Members are ineligible if:

  1. They have any interest as a principal or as an attorney for a principal in the transaction. (The word “principal” shall include, but not be limited to, owner, purchaser, equity participant, stockholder or beneficiary); or

  2. Their principal business is that of real estate operator or developer, even if the member has a broker’s license.



  1. Members are urged to prepare supporting information. Prepare this in advance and submit it with your online application under “FILE UPLOAD: Supporting Material.” Maps, diagrams and photographs that supplement the dialogue should be submitted, if appropriate, but please do not submit an entire file or copies of correspondence unless it has a specific bearing on the transaction.

  2. Eligible transactions must be located in the CREBA region. The “CREBA Region” is defined to be Washington, DC, the counties of Montgomery, Prince George’s, Howard, Anne Arundel and Frederick in Maryland, and the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William and cities of Alexandria and Falls Church in Virginia.

  3. The transaction shall have been completed, with lease execution by both parties (or the last party to execute) occurring, in calendar year 2021.

Identities: Principals need not be identified, but brokers must determine for themselves whether the withholding of any information may have a bearing on the judges’ decision. Submissions are held in strict confidence and become the sole property of the Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Association of Greater Washington, DC. If the principals are identified, a letter which authorizes the Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Association of Greater Washington, DC to promote the transaction and the winner of the award must accompany the application.

How do I submit for an Award?

The applicant must apply using the online forms on or before Midnight on Friday, FEBRUARY 16, 2022. 



QUESTIONS? For more information regarding the RULES or questions about online application forms, please contact: or by phone at 301-503-5425.